What is Right to be Forgotten?

When you’re using the internet you use your personal information to sign in into social media accounts or go online shopping. You never know if the information you provide especially the public ones is used by other people. They can use your personal details to make fake accounts using it to fool other people.

Sites that people use for background checks like Peoplefinder or White pages can easily get your details without your permission thru your social media accounts or other people who posted things about you. Even hackers, data brokers, stalkers with their skills can gather information about you with the use of the internet.

“The right to be forgotten” is one of the legal acts as part of the General Data Protection Regulations of the European Union, which gives an individual the right to request their information to be removed in any online platforms.

It was discussed in the Spanish court since 2014 when a Spanish citizen asked to remove the information about his house repossession from google. It is because he claimed that the data was no longer accurate. And it was agreed upon by the Spanish Union as well as the Court of Justice of the European Union. Now, every user of any platforms on the internet can request irrelevant, unnecessary, or inaccurate information be removed given that what they claim is just and right.

There are many concerns as to what information can be rightfully removed from a system as per request of an individual. Search engines such as Google has already made a system to assess “right to be forgotten” cases. In the case of Europe, complaints and cases that are submitted to Google are regulated by the European privacy watchdogs as it is stated under the law of “right to be forgotten”. It must be analyzed before it is removed from the internet giving balance to other rights such as the freedom of expression.