How to protect yourself on social media?

Social media has become a big part of our lifestyle, our culture and it affects us too.

There are a lot of studies that haven’t even been done yet. In other words, we don’t know yet the full effect of social media on our mental health, on our relationships and on other aspects of our life.

Moreover, social networking and the use of Smartphones and other devices put someone at risk of identity theft. This can be through Facebook, dating sites and apps.

As you use your computer or Smartphone devices, you are putting your identity at risk all the time. When you shop, bank online, pay a store using your Smartphone or completing any transactions that require you to input your financial information, social media fraudsters are waiting to seize this information then sell it.

Everyone is on social media now and everything is done very fast. People can get scammed and can get drawn in by somebody’s fake profile. Fraudsters will send links and they’ll try to get you to tap onto things and open things up.

How To Protect Yourself

When you are on social media or your children are on social media, you should have a great awareness of what’s happening and what information you’re sharing online. Be very guarded about the information that you’re giving to somebody because these people are very clever at getting information out of people.

When you are downloading apps, make sure to review the permissions the app is requesting before the installation. You can also install an antivirus or anti-spyware software as an extra security feature on your phone. In addition, you can place a numerical or pattern code to limit access to the phone from unauthorized users.

Another thing you can do is activate the erase data feature on your phone or contact your service provider and enroll in a backup service which will remotely wipe your phone if lost or stolen. Finally, never jailbreak or root your phone. By doing that, you are bypassing your phone security system.